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Shields Cox II Ocular Laser Shield (Stainless Steel) One Pair

Shields Cox II Ocular Laser Shield (Stainless Steel) One Pair

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Small Cox II Ocular Laser Shield (Stainless Steel). This shield should be placed on the eye (using the provided suction cup) to protect it from laser light during procedures.  It is sold non-sterile and can be autoclaved.  Useful for skin resurfacing or incision procedures, these are durable, low-maintenance devices.

Dimensions: 24 mm x 21 mm

Product Features:

  • Designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea, the posterior surface and the rounded edges are highly polished, to assure patients comfort and safety.
  • The new Cox II ocular laser shields are thicker: 1 mm instead of 0.5 mm.
  • These shield are thicker and have rounded edges for enhanced safety and comfort.
  • Because the new Cox II is thicker, it delays heat absorption better than the old model when it is lased.
  • The non-reflective surface of the Cox II is now less reflective due to a stronger surface treatment, to disperse laser light even more.
  • Large red suction cup for insertion and extraction included. 


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