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OcuRx USB Dry Eye Masks 12 Ct Plus Free Shipping

OcuRx USB Dry Eye Masks 12 Ct Plus Free Shipping

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Recommended Patient Price: $40-$50

OcuRx Dry-Eye Mask: Constant Heat for Better MGD Treatment Results

Break free from the limitations of traditional dry eye treatments! The OcuRx Dry-Eye Mask delivers continuous, therapeutic heat, proven to be more effective than compresses in treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and reducing dry eye symptoms.


Experience the Difference:


    • Constant Heat: Unlike other microwave masks, OcuRx delivers consistent heat for the full 15-minute treatment because of the USB technology, maximizing oil production in your Meibomian glands.


    • Convenient & Comfortable: Lightweight, soft mask adapts to your face, perfect for daytime or bedtime use. No messy water or microwaveable beads, just plug and play via USB.


    • Clinically Proven: Studies show OcuRx significantly improves MGD symptoms and tear film stability compared to traditional methods.


    • Easy to Use: One-button operation makes it ideal for everyone.


Improve patient satisfaction, differentiate your practice, and strengthen patient relationships with OcuRx. Order your mask today and see the difference continuous heat can make!

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