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DA-3 Dry Eye Analyzer

DA-3 Dry Eye Analyzer

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Struggling to diagnose dry eye effectively? Look no further than the DA-3 Dry Eye Analyzer! This innovative device offers a comprehensive dry eye assessment, helping eye care professionals like you provide the best possible care for your patients.

Here's what makes the DA-3 Dry Eye Analyzer stand out:

  • Detailed Tear Analysis: The DA-3 goes beyond basic tear production tests. It provides valuable insights into tear quality, tear breakup time, and more.
  • Advanced Ocular Surface Evaluation: Assess the health of the cornea and conjunctiva, identifying potential issues like inflammation or irregularities.
  • Efficient Dry Eye Diagnosis: Get a clear picture of your patient's dry eye condition quickly and easily, allowing for faster treatment decisions.

Fully supports 8 dry eye testing functions including : NiBut, TBut, Lipid Layer Static, Lipid Layer Dynamic, Gland Opening, TMH (Tear Meniscus Height), Meibography and Red Eye testing.

The DA-3 is a dedicated dry eye diagnostic platform that provides a complete battery of dry eye tests. It can perform eight different dry eye examinations, including:

Meibography - An imaging technique that allows doctors to examine the meibomian glands, which are located in the eyelids and produce oil that helps to keep tears stable.

Tear osmolarity testing - Measures the concentration of salt in your tears. High osmolarity can be a sign of dry eye.

Non-invasive tear breakup time (NIBUT) - Measures how long it takes for a tear film to break up. A short NIBUT can be a sign of dry eye.

Schirmer test - Measures tear production.

Corneal fluorescein staining - A dye test that can help to identify damage to the cornea, the clear surface of the eye.

Conjunctival goblet cell density - Goblet cells are cells in the conjunctiva that produce mucin, a component of tears. A low goblet cell density can be a sign of dry eye. 

Tear film interferometry - A technique that can be used to measure the thickness and quality of the tear film.

      The DA-3 is designed to be easy to use and to provide quick and accurate results. The entire dry eye examination can be completed in about five minutes.

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